Earls Farm Cattery

Earls Farm Cattery has been established since 1997. Set in beautiful surroundings it was a success from the start.

The cattery is designed between an indoor and outdoor facility with each chalet being separated with a sneeze barrier to ensure that there is no contact with neighbouring cats.

An extraction system is installed keeping the air clean and fresh at all times. We also have cooling fans to keep the temperature cool in the summer months.

All chalets are fully licensed to house two cats from the same family. There are also a number of larger chalets that can house up to four cats from the same family.

The outdoor runs are large, light and airy giving your cat the opportunity to stretch it's legs at all times during the day and with the added benefit of indoor and outdoor shelves you can be assured that your cat can relax in comfort at all times.

All chalets are fully insulated and heated to give maximum comfort.

Calming music is also played throughout the day ensuring your cat is fully relaxed during their stay.

  At £10.00 per day all facilities are included in the price: bed, litter tray's, feed and toys.


  A choice of food is provided in the morning and evening as well as a selection of dried food throughout the day.


  All staff are fully trained and experienced


  Special rates (10% discount) given to owners with more than one cat


  Each cat must have proof of innoculations against enteritis and cat flu

  • Earls Farm Cattery
  • Earls Farm Cattery

Opening Times:

Cattery Hours

Monday - Sunday

10am - 12pm

4pm - 6pm


Farm Hours

Monday - Sunday

9am - 6pm

Contact details:

Stitch - Mi - Lane




Call Us:

Telephone: 01204 317142

Telephone: 01204 525302


Mobile: 07947 606266


Mobile: 07921 457702

Registered Address:

Bedford House
60 Chorley New Road

Company No: 04107730

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