Barley Straw (AQUAPAK) Made In Great Britain At Earls Farm

Barley Straw

Algae in your pond can cause a number of problems in water. Blocking pumps and sluices, impeding flow in drainage systems causing interference with navigation, fishing, taint and odour problems can also occur, in some instances causing a health risk to humans, wildlife and livestock.

AQUAPAK Barley Straw is very effective in the treatment of Algae

In order to use barley straw effectively, it is important to understand how the process works.

When the barley straw is put into water, it starts to decompose. The rate of decomposition depends on the water temperature. Usually within a week the Barley Straw breaks down and releases cells into the water. By the action of sunlight these are turned into humic acid, which is then converted into low level hydrogen peroxide.

The hydrogen peroxide interferes with the formation of algae.

Hydrogen peroxide does not affect invertebrates or fish when used as recommended in fact it appears to benefit them.

For best results fully submerge the barley straw in the water on the outlet side of any filtration system, or where there is water movement.

Apply in early spring and every 3 months throughout the summer.

On first inserting the barley straw into the pond it will take approximately 3 weeks before there are any discernable effects.

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